Celiac Disease may be caused by a Virus

It is a possibility that Celiac disease may be caused by a virus.  A virus that could appear to be harmless contracted as an infant could be the culprit in the development of Celiac disease, a new study suggests.

What's celiac disease?The possibility that Celiac disease may be caused by a virus has come about from studies published recently by Science magazine.  

The study suggests that a common strain of reovirus could be a part of making your body defy gluten. 

Celiac Disease is an Autoimmune Disorder

People with Celiac disease have an autoimmune disorder, whereby their bodies start attacking the small intestines lining whenever it comes in contact with even small traces of gluten.

The body’s immune system lets foreign substances, like proteins, go through one’s body peacefully, but if there is danger it will attack the harmful element.

In comparison to other familiar foodstuffs, gluten in particularly is likely to bring about immunological problems due to it being uncommonly resistant to breaking down in the body.

Gliadin is known as the hardest part of gluten that can be digested.

In people who have celiac disease, gluten is looked upon as a noxious pathogen.

If left without a diagnosis, it can lead to small intestine damage, lowered absorption of nutrients, fatigue, diarrhea, osteoporosis and anemia.


Treatment for Celiac Disease

The only current treatment for those suffering from the disease is to entirely eliminate gluten by going on a gluten free diet.
Gluten can be found in rye, barley and wheat which means cutting out bread, cakes, biscuits and pasta, as well as many commonplace household items and foods like dips, sauces, confectionery, meat and even some toothpastes.

Up until now, it was thought that Coeliac disease was a result of genetic factors. A parent, sibling or child of someone who has the condition had a chance of also developing it by 10 per cent, and identical twins chances were 70 per cent.

Celiac Disease may be Caused by a Virus?

In this study, scientists used mice that were genetically engineered and that were made vulnerable to gluten.  They infected the mice with the T1L reovirus strain…

…Then the mice’s immune response proceeded to be against gluten consistent with what happens in the case of Celiac disease.

So this goes on to suggest that genetic susceptibility combined with the T1L reovirus may be the cause of the disease.

The study continued after the mice experiment, though. The researchers then looked at whether patients with celiac had actually did have reovirus infections. Surprisingly—they had.

Not everybody had indicators of having had a reovirus, but a subgroup had alarming symptoms in the formation of lots of antibodies opposing the virus.

The same patients had a type of immunity signature as well—sure changes induced the reovirus—that were a duplicate to what researchers discovered in mice. This is no coincidence.What's gluten about?

Reovirus strain normally being so harmless could be the reasoning behind why it has not been regarded as an influence until now.  It being relatively innocuous could also be the reason why people are unaware that they’re already infected.

More research must be undertaken in order to confirm these findings, if true however, it could result in improved options for treatment for sufferers.  Maybe even a vaccine for the prevention of celiac disease.

Celiac Disease may be caused by a Virus!
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Celiac Disease may be caused by a Virus!